• sahanabm 5w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee


    The web was drenched,
    but survived the storm.
    Now, it looks like a wedding gown
    embedded with pearls and diamonds.
    I'm sure the spider knew how tough her net was.
    They say time fades everything.
    They lied.
    I've been spinning my silk threads
    for a couple of years now,
    and they have only gotten stronger.
    The delicate silk threads that only wraps around you,
    to that only you have scissors for.

    I always wondered if loneliness
    is really a feeling,
    or is it just waiting.
    Now I know what I was waiting for
    without even realizing.
    The last push to wake me awake.

    They are wrong. The oceans are not
    between the lands.
    It's the other way around.
    And even though there's miles of
    stretch between us,
    we share the same sky and the stars and the moon.
    And that's comforting until I see you next time.

    I lay in your arms that day,
    looking up at your ceiling.
    I was pretending to be looking at a night sky,
    wishing this was our future.
    As our breath came down from the high,
    I looked at your face.
    those beautiful brown eyes,
    guarded though an open book,
    I didn't have to imagine anymore.


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