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    #courage in French lai poem form #laipoem #frenchlaipoem

    Once logged in fear world
    Frozen feel dappled,furled

    Trapped in glass soul curled
    Even light ne'er whirled

    ẞsense drifted and sealed
    Anachronism dangled

    Courage typhoon snarled
    Juxtaposed fear kneeled

    Hell's raven tale swirled
    Balmy start joy twirled

    Frozen feel dappled furled
    Once logged in fear world
    © njram6

    A related form is the French syllabic Lai Nouveau (the New Lai), with some similarities to the villanelle.
    The features of the Lai Nouveau are:
    16 lines in two 8-line stanzas.
    Repetition of the first two lines as the last two lines of the 16, but in reverse order.
    Two rhymes, giving the form below.
    Lines ending with the 'a' rhyme are five syllables long.
    Lines ending with the 'b' rhyme are two syllables long.
    Rhyme scheme (where an upper-case letter indicates the appearance of an identical line, while a lower-case letter indicates a rhyme with each line designated by the same lower-case or upper-case letter):

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