• gracerodgers__ 5w

    Happy birthday,
    Happy birthday to the flower that blossoms even in the dark
    Even when there are no rains,
    Happy birthday to the precious womb that carried me
    To the most beautiful rainbow in my cloud
    Happy birthday to the oasis that appears in the deserted desert in my heart
    To the most sparkling star amongst those that only shine.

    They call you Grace
    Yes, you are grace that speaks to my ears not with buzzing noises of the bee but with a soothing voice which is music to my eardrums.
    I am not ashamed to call you mine,
    You make me proud to call you mom

    I am who I am because you're you
    Your hands are blessed
    Your hands are nursing to my nursery soul
    To you I am a kid even when I go gray
    World Noble Prize goes to you
    For sure, you deserve it my Grace
    You have made my world a peace.

    Happy birthday my Queen
    Happy birthday my Love
    Happy birthday my Momma.