• eldeesama 10w

    So painful to see your lifeless soul
    My love have gone the land of unknown
    Tears drop from my eyes
    I regret not standing by you

    Quick quick I was impatient
    Stranded with peoples opinion
    I am mad
    I am sad
    What made you leave this world?
    Oh! Hinata
    My valediction hurt me

    I want to follow you
    Please come to me
    Why will you leave me?
    No woman of your match
    My happiness have been distorted.

    Your beautiful soul still in me
    Adieu people say
    Sorry people say
    I am here
    I am going no where..

    I will wait till eyes is wide open
    Even if you turn to dust
    I will plea for you to come back

    Life have taken you
    Away for to live in pain
    I will sleep to wait
    I can't mourn your name
    I will praise you more

    Your lifeless soul is alive
    I forgive you all the atrocities
    Wake up wake up
    Am up
    I will wait in your dusty casket
    I will wait