• ponygirl913 5w

    I’d like to see your face back then 
    The face when you realized you had a kid 
    You were probably thinking not again 
    You had fully realized what you did

    I wish you had felt as if you were on cloud 9 
    But I doubt that you had felt that 
    I imagine you thinking I have vowed to be a good father 
    You obviously had no clue as to what stood ready to bat

    Do you regret it? 
    Not trying to be there and present 

    It’s the only question I’ve always had 
    It’s always been lingering in my mind 
    Was I really that bad? 
    Was I really that blind? 

    Was it really worth it? 
    When you had great people in your life
    You probably didn’t even realize one bit
    That you had attacked our hearts with a knife 

    Do you regret it? 
    Not trying harder to be there and present 

    I realized after many years you weren’t meant to be a father 
    I realized that you probably didn’t regret what you did
    I don’t know why me and my sister even bothered 
    It appeared you were fine with it and deemed it good 

    The jokes on you now though 
    I now have a perfect father 
    I knew it was true 
    You were no longer the robber 

    You couldn’t make me hurt anymore 
    You couldn’t make me cry when you wouldn’t show 
    I now had so much more 
    I could finally let go

    I found happiness 
    I found a great father who knows how to be one
    You may think this is the crappiest thing to say 
    But you have been replaced and I have won