• typed_emotions 22w

    Today I thank all the people who have been a part of my life. New or the old ones. The good and the bad ones. Those who made me fall again and again and those who picked me up when I was nothing but pieces.
    Thank You. Thank you for being there and making me the person I am today. I'm really glad that I get to know you all and learned a great deal of things.
    By each passing year, some of you stayed,and a few of you left. Left so easily like all those moments and memories with me never mattered. But me....I kept holding onto those memories so that when and if you decide to return,it shouldn't be difficult for you to find me. In the process of making your path towards me easy I kept hurting myself.
    I kept enduring the pain of negligence and loneliness but never once my clutch on our bond wavered.
    But this is it. When all my focus was on the road from where you all left I ignored those who stayed and most importantly disregarded the person who mattered the most, 'me' .
    So today I release you all . All of you. The ones from the past and the present . Those who are still a part and those who aren't. You all are free from my side. No memories to hold on to. No person to rely on. And no one to lean on. From now on I am going to cherish and celebrate myself. Today onwards my only goal is to make myself a better person for my family and this world. May I be helpful to those in need. Strong for those falling weak. Low enough to reach those on the ground. And powerful enough to smile through the wounds. Healthy enough to treat the ones who are suffering. Happy enough to spread joy and laughter to the depressed. And grounded enough to know my roots.
    Hence from now on I let of go of everything that has been holding me back. The good,the bad and the overwhelming.
    And with god beside me, I set all my memories free.