• mystic_aahana 5w

    The clouds lie dull in the grey embrace,
    Engulfed in an aura of cosmic daze.

    If my mind had a painter's heart,
    It would spill hues of a monochrome art.

    Pink afternoons and mauve skies,
    Tame bliss in the crescent moon's eyes.

    On this day, thoughts are like dragonflies.
    Flying away from the web of lies.

    Azure is the real shade of the sky,
    A day of birds dreaming to fly.

    Thoughts in blue are misleading o reader,
    So this mind is serene, like a fallen feather.

    //Empyrean hues of black and blue,
    Is what thoughts reflect, in me and you. //
    Trying a prompt for the first time!!^-^... #colour
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The colours of thoughts