• anewstep 9w

    To my home,

    I love it's blue and pink walls with my and my brother's childhood photos hanging on the walls and mumma's and papa's wedding picture, in which my mom looked shy and how can i forget the question i asked her ( mummy mujhe kyu nhi bulaya apni shadi main) and i guess this photo is compulsory in every house.
    With my favourite soft toys now just sitting in a corner, as i don't play with them anymore but i never threw them. But, yes i also have a big teddy that is my sleeping partner. I also remember the kitchen set & the barbie house i still have and is kept somewhere where i cannot reach easily now! I even once had gudda and guddi ki shadi and trust me 'mandap' was also there, baaraat was also there with music and then dinner but the fun fact was that i didn't gave either my guddi or her gudda!
    My mom has very beautifully decorated this house and she made it a home. With Buddha having peacock feather at it's background to a tiny garden where i love watering the plants.
    I also have a family collage photo frame that i made with lots of hard work but more love.
    The entry of my home have a Ganesh entrance which my dad always look before he goes out to work and i admire that.
    We have a small 'mandir' which have like many gods but it's fine as long someone worship them with purity.
    From coming to this home in class 1 to now when i'm in my first year of college, i have umpteen memories with this home and with the people who have ever visited us.
    I have spent my entire childhood here from being a so called small teacher who teaches her brother obviously acts to do so and her blackboard is the window of the house and later on corrects the notebooks and giving him marks.
    From playing cricket, badminton to langdi - tang to what not, this home is my journey it contains me, it holds me when i get tired or when i'm high on energy. This home has always been with me and will always love you no matter what!

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