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    The Office- S7 E19-E23

    These episodes will tell you what a real heartbreak feels like. Yes, I watched them today and I cried. Not the 'moist eyes, sniffing nose' cried. Like really cried. This isn't the first time, I have done this a million times before. Crying over movies, books, sitcoms. I still don't know why.

    I have cried watching Disney movies, I cried as Holly read Gerry's letters and Gatsby died with a hope. I cried when Allie and Noah's young love was crushed and Inder lost Saru. I cried when Katniss lost Prim and Four lost Tris(you will know only if you have read the book) and also when Snape said 'Always'
    and Augustus said 'I like my choices, I hope she likes hers' and on and on the list goes..

    And this isn't even the worst part, the worst part is when I have to close the book, or switch the channel or the series ends. The worst part is goodbye, saying goodbye to people who have made you laugh and cry and feel many other things all at once. And you are not expected to mourn only because they aint real, and are fiction. A small part of your imagination. Well, that's so wrong! I mean yes these people aint real, but they are the most lively things I have come across. Leaving them breaks my heart. It's like losing a real person. Not be able to talk to them anymore or know about their whereabouts. So I keep going back to them, because I don't care what others say, but these characters, they have become a part of me in many ways. So if it happens with you too, trust me, Its okay.

    PS: If you get all the references, a big big hug!
    PPS: Almost forgot to mention watching 'The last one' was the most terrible thing ever.
    PPPS: I don't think I'm ever gonna get over Michael Scott. *That's what she said* *cries in the corner*

    PPPPFS: Haven't talked about Iron Man and I love you 3000 since I still haven't come on terms with it. Stuck in the denial phase, sorry. Just can't! No.


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    The worst thing is, saying Goodbye.