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    Being a dark or dusky girl is a crime in India. A strict no-no. JK, you are just beautiful the way you are. Don't give all those hate to your skin. Love that amazing piece of your body part which protects you. Come on, your skin deserves better!

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    The hate you give to my skin

    Dear skin, why are you getting all the hate you get?
    Isn't it unfair that every body is glowering on seeing you
    Or giving you that sideways pity look
    Like you are the biggest mistake of one's life?
    When my gene pool should be getting all that?
    What is it you are going to prove anyway?
    That being white, you can attract a beautiful boy
    Or you can make anyone look for longer at your pinkish hue
    Or you can get more affirmative nods whenever you say something
    Or you can get less judgement by being less dark
    Or you can kvell at the prospect of checking the "fair girl" box of matrimonial ads
    Or how you always get more attention
    When I should be getting it all by being a talented, good human being?
    It's my fault I didn't stand enough for you
    Leaving you in the quandry of getting teased and laughed at
    Slathering on you whatever creams and powders I thought
    Will change you over night
    I was that parent to you who put pressure on kids
    Comparing to others, killing their dreams
    Trying to make kids into whatever molds they think of
    I was trying to shape you according to my mold
    Of being fair and lovely
    Rather than letting you live these days I was choking you to death

    Dear skin, I am sorry
    I feel compunction for all the things I've ever done to you
    You were always there for me, protecting me
    You were doing the job you were given
    It's not you who was dark all these days
    It's my heart and my mind which were dark
    Shut down by the opinion of others
    That I forgot to see the bigger picture
    It's not going to be the colour of my dear skin
    Which is going to catapult me into achieving my dreams
    Rather it's me who was making you as an excuse
    To feel pity for myself, drowning in depression
    When I should be sweating the skin off
    To better myself

    Dear skin, I love you no matter what
    White or black or brown, hereinafter no frown
    You are now free to breathe and live
    Thanks for an amazing saviour that you are!