• iniyavalsree 5w

    At times
    In the corners of our room
    We find ourselves
    Breaking into pieces,
    Stammering to breathe,
    Choking to utter words,
    Terified to face mirror,
    Horrified to meet people,
    Petrified to look back past,
    Anxious about the future,
    I know
    We carry a chapped heart,
    A void soul,
    A numb body.
    Just in case
    If you face it
    Slow down
    Breathe out toxins
    Accept the vague.
    Life is an unfair wizard
    Take out your wands
    Spell out your magic.

    Life is a beautiful wizard.
    Even the dark gloomy nights faces sunrise

    You are never alone in this phase. We are together������.
    Let's fall & let's raise.

    விழுவோம் விதையாய் �� எழுவோம் மரமாய்��.

    #strength #together #wecan #fall #heartbreaks #loss #love #life

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    Life is an unfair wizard