• tysen_18 6w


    What does it take to be good?
    What does it take to do good?
    A life full of good deeds lead to?
    A life full of lies makes you!

    What you want to do?
    How you want to do?
    Simply planning the thought... Will it make you?

    What is your strength?
    What is it that you fake?
    In the world of give and take ...
    How real is the smile you have on your face?

    What do you do ... To become bad?
    Why did you break her heart?
    Where did it lead to you now ? How far are you from start?

    Can you simply be at peace, thinking it was his miss!
    Can you go and deny the time when you were missing him?
    Yes it tragic? But when was it even magic?
    The word 'love' is not real!
    The word love is not real!
    Good grief... It's all a lil mischief!
    Nothing is love! Nothing is a promise,
    Nothing is "you" "me "and 'all this'.

    If everything is fake, then what do you get to not fake ,
    For the first time,
    To tell how you felt!
    Nothing but a heart break!