• pearlynn_writes 10w

    Inspired during Covid lockdown run

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    Bitterness Uproot

    The drawers can no longer contain those clothes.
    The plant’s roots is straining its pot.
    The sea overflows its so called banks.
    And the girl guide tries to secure her flying tent with ropes.

    The debtors blasted us out of our home. My pot cracked and it’s no longer the same.
    The tent was stolen and my sandcastle was ruined through my hands.

    Overthrown. Overgrown. But because of those. You rescued me. Poured me out from my agony. I’m given a new name. No it ain’t a joke. Take away my insecurities.

    That lovely canopy of blue sky.. You are the best painter & Your mercy entails.

    Even if I’ve failed, You will still love me won’t You? Don’t ever let me go, Lord how I need You.

    Clear my weeds. Use me to plant new seeds. Remind me always that my source is You and I am forever Yours to keep.