• manali_deshpande 45w

    After the dark silent night,
    the only thing that kept her going
    was her hope to see that one ray of light,
    that sprinkled magic on her skin,
    as if everything that happened
    was just a bad dream.
    There was something about
    the sun that bought her joy
    She knew she couldn't see it,
    But all she knew was,
    the bright light
    bringing colors to her sight.
    Just like the sunflowers,
    she would dance in it's spotlight,
    flaunt her flaws in the soothing
    cool breeze, adorn her scars on
    her little tiara & reflect joy
    into every corner of the field.
    There was something about the
    sunshine, it made her feel strong
    like never before.
    after everything dark that she received,
    she managed to soak herself into the
    light that coruscated it's way through the shallow clouds of sorrow,
    bringing her tons of hope and
    new life.

    And i,
    i would just sit under that oak tree
    away from her sight,
    with a brush and a canvas,
    Trying hard to paint my imagination
    into reality.