• sameerved 9w

    [ void ]

    When I talk about love
    I am talking about empty spaces
    Spaces rendered;
    - void always
    But never felt this empty before.
    Like the gaps betwixt my fingers
    Being looked at like the gaps,
    O how weak I fall
    As I dare open the hands clenched from long
    And wonder if these wrinkled lines
    Woud reiterate the tale of a tainted love.
    Tainted, for I had loved the personality,
    But had to live with the character.
    'Twas a love I had contrived myself to believe
    That the void was my past.
    Yet, here I stand
    Beside the plinth of my solitude
    With a heart full of cries,
    Cries that die out in this unending void.

    ~ Sameer & Rachit