• blotted_ink 10w

    Cursed to be a...

    She is still burning by the core frictions
    and her ashes are mudded over the splitten rocks
    as if the winter clouds had cursed her already
    there is no mercy tears for her longingness
    and the evil powers surrounded her like a
    bevelled sword over the peak of her vitals
    and triggered to end her turn,with some remains
    of her role incomplete and already the creepers
    started twisting around her exhausted trunk so tight,
    to congest her beats and made her vegetative!
    who is she? what's the reason to receive these
    dreadful punishments in her life of desires and
    roses?well,she may be imprecated to earth as
    a mortal and forced to accept the venom of some
    toxicated brutals and withered meaningless atlast.