• sameen_ 10w

    She sat there, in her room
    Dejected, in complete bleak
    When she heard a voice
    Astonished to see her closet speak

    "Oh darling princess, come forth
    For I got just what you need
    A dress so beautiful
    With sequence and beads"

    Hesitant, she stood up
    And walked upto the door
    Just to find out there
    What the closet has in store

    She moved from dress to dress
    Walking in delight
    Until she halted before one
    As the best dress came in sight

    She wore that pretty one
    And danced gleefully
    She thanked the closet and came out
    Being as happy as she could be

    She walked upto the mirror
    Soaking in the happiness
    Little did she know
    That was just her ordinary dress

    The angel of the closet
    Looked at her and grinned
    It had taught her well
    Happiness comes from within

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    And when she opened it
    She was pulled inside
    In a world of beauty
    Where no worries reside