• sheikhaehsann 5w

    They claim peace on deserted street's ,
    Painted with tanks and deadly guns,
    But how will stop sobs and cry
    From scream pain and pain,

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    Untold story of pain,

    Visit the mountains of paradise ,
    You will cock_a_hoop,
    While visualing sanity in valley,

    With smell of guns and fear of tanks,
    You will see tongues taped and thoughts buried,

    You will sight dreams bandaged ,
    By deep spear shaped glasses,

    Razor wires and checkpoints,
    Seasesd boundaries of homes ,

    Letters filled with emotions and love,
    Are burned at corner of recipient street's,

    Synonym of paradise is burning,
    Humans are put behind iron walls,

    So called saviour oppressing,
    Death toll is reaching heights,

    Stories of wamiq and Insha fading,
    Ishfaq disappeared is forgotten,

    Words and paper burned,
    They curbed our emotions,

    If this is what you celebrate,
    Then i have no regret on your debate,

    I won't sympathize you with tales,
    I won't tell you my pain,

    It's been months and days,
    Since i heard my mother singing her voice,

    Laugh on our scars and wounds,
    But i won't tell you it's shame,