• thesilversoul 23w

    There's an essence in the air, when he's around, an essence so deep and pure, I can't turn down.
    His frivolous smile and cheerful laugh,
    makes every being spellbound.
    Not a frown on his face, not a grump in his gesture, I don't know how he captains his thoughts.
    That's something I wish he could teach me,
    if only those things could be taught.
    Deep inside he does have devils, that I keep infuriating then and now.
    And he's burried his secrets so very deep,
    I'd run out of breath, if I tried digging them out.
    So that's life and it's amazing how we meet different souls,
    But what they say about good ones though, when you're with them life's like a euphony,
    And when they leave there's sham and drudgery and broken dreams.

    ©thesilversoul (Shreya)