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    Patience...is what it takes for nature to create landscapes, dessert sand, bamboo trees, mountains, corals, a life..evolution. It is the mother of all the amazing things that exist...Imagine, if nature would not have been patient enough..we would have been ruined to ashes or buried under the ocean by now because this is what many of us deserve for testing mother natures patience..we ill-treat her...with all the pollution and our convenience based technology ( I agree that technology is important but with usage limits). Irony is, to take a break, we end up going into the same mother earths lap..where it is greener..pure..surreal. We run away from our own doing... but mother is still supposed to be patient because this is what makes her a mother.. right?
    Can we, so called children of mother earth, for once, learn to be patient and real? After all patience creates beautiful things. Let us not run a race towards creating more and more techno stuff for our convenience without weighing its pros and cons...because if our nature decides to learn this value from us for her convenience, she'll forget about us and soon we'll become history because she does not need us as much as we need her (she has the capacity to re-create better humans for her need and convenience).
    Think about it!
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    We must learn patience from mother earth, else we will end- up teaching her our impatience which will be hazardous for us!