• finnisam 5w

    Veiled Throne

    Modern intelligence wrapped in a decadent package
    As the battle lines are drawn for incessant warfare.
    The masses no longer dictate a unified message,
    Embracing ignorance because they don’t care.

    The ones that try: manipulated by both sides
    Into choosing the poison that they should drink.
    Where humanity unites, society still divides
    Until we no longer recognise the fatal brink.

    Adorned by splendour and covered in glory,
    Each message totes the merits of the misguided.
    Yet another chapter in this unknown story
    Is not written by the people, but provided.

    Excited by the conflict and ravenous for war
    We sink even deeper into this territory unknown,
    Abandoning our interests for the collective law
    And giving to the shadows their veiled throne.