• asphodel_ 6w


    The clock ticked 11 apparently sniffing me over the bed. There I lie insomniac with a mist of devil over my head. This velvety double bed belongs to me but still it embrangle with the estuary of forlorn. Maybe cause I still wait for him to mold the other side replacing the coldness of lone war. Inch by inch the second hand moved and flowed a wave of haunt, twelve, then one and then two, why ain't it stop?

    Switching on the lights I hushed the demons under my bed, for own feast I peeped down to let go the rue of being alone. Midnight was dancing on the lyrics of European couple, vexing the memory of his hand over my waist. In the rush of preventing those memories ribbon the graved emotions, I put on the large screen open. "The conjuring, part 1" popped on the lights and the dew drops hazed over my forehead. It was 17 degree around despite I precipitated like a jack.
    Should I play it or pause the way he did to 'us'?

    Horror could take my breath to heaven in search of peace and he was aware of it more than his beats. I wonder if he would remember the last time when such movie deplored in front of my eyes, and how he shoved his anger looking my frightened blink. The whole night I could have shivered in thunder but his cathetus covered me under and the larynx softly wishpered, "Don't fear, I'm here". It was the first night I slept with no repentance over that goblin picture. And the darkness celebrated my master.

    today won't bring a chance for me to blush crimson, nor I would win over the palpitations. I failed to play it cause those phantom will veil me in their drape and I had already lost my savior to save.
    I can back off from the visual rout but his shadow no matter follow me to the worst nightmare, that boobyish laugh seem like ghost calling in despair making me scream insanely like a howl of dogs departed.

    I fail to sleep every night sophisticating my own will. But somewhere it's good cause I started healing. I escape sleep, to fade him away from my dreams nevertheless I could always bear the beauty of "us".