• arvarion 5w


    feel my dress sweep across the uneven dirt walls as I fall down the rabbit hole and drop quite very ungracefully to the ground

    that’s not how a princess should act, they say

    i gobble biscuits on the table and swallow glass bottles of wine
    my head is on a roll, im feeling big and small

    that’s very unprincesslike, they say

    i behead queens and tear cards up and burn gardens

    I am Alice. I am the Mad Hatter. I am the Queen. Insanity runs through my bones my blood my heart my brain. I will walk the streets with my head held high and my hat held higher. I will flounce and pounce out of the damn room and let my petticoat trail down the steps. I will eat with my hands and wear skirts and spaghetti straps and play with guns. I will curse and swear and shout and scream and let it all echo back because

    im sorry but im not sorry but i just can’t care less

    And if you dare stop this psycho -

    Off with your head.