• _poeticheart_ 5w

    Awe struck him hard as he continued to compose himself,
    "Are you alright, babe?" he spoke in a soft yet surprised tone.
    "What's wrong with turtle neck, Raghav? Also, it's fun to cover your thighs with stripped denims on somedays."
    "No, it's something else. I know. Tell me," he said in an anxious tone. "I told you, let's get away from your low societal thinking family. I earn enough to atleast feed both of us," he continued.
    Silence occupied the few inches between us until I finally broke down.
    "Babe, water?" he said.
    "No, I'm here to tell you something," I said.
    "Go on," he said as he held me in his arms.
    Four years back when I had turned eighteen, Mama started showing his true colours, and I understood why did Mami stay away from him on most of the nights.
    I don't know what was he so proud of, his masculinity or something else.
    Every morning since four years, with his eyes full of lust, he used to stare at my breasts like he owned them.
    "Stop wearing tank tops, that attracts masculinity," while leaving for office he used to say.
    ''Is that why you put on turtle neck, babe? And you better tell him that tank tops never attracted masculinity, but surely inhumanity. Inhumanity have made them impose themselves on diapers too and you're expecting that inhumanity would spare you if you put on turtle necks? Babe, it's not about the dresses you put on but surely about the lust their inhumane eyes hold," he said with moist eyes.
    On nights, after he returned home, Mami never stayed around.
    He used to make his way to my room, through the windows, and used to run his fingers all over my body. Sometimes my back, breasts on another nights, thighs and then places I can't even utter.
    With every passing night my soul started getting numb.
    Every night, he used to enter my room when I lay on the bed like a lifeless body and he used to move his fingers over the same.
    He tried undressing me a several hundred times, I don't know was it destiny or my luck, every fucking time I was saved from getting raped.
    This continued for quite a few months and then he stopped coming.
    I felt, maybe he finally realised his mistake.
    But last night, it was something around two when I reached home, and I tell you what,
    bare-bodied he layed on my bed.
    "Mami is not around. Adi is busy with his boards preparation. Let's get it done for one final time," with lust soaring in his voice he said.
    I composed myself as I swallowed some breathes.
    "No," in a low voice to him I said.
    His blood started raging after listening to my answer and pulling me in, he pushed me to the end of the bed.
    Tying my hands with rope he covered my mouth with one of his hand as I struggled for a breathe.
    "Maybe this is the cost I have to pay for being his sister's illegitimate child," to myself I said.
    With his another hand he tried to remove my dress, but blood covered the white sheet before he could.
    Adi had slammed him hard with an iron rod in his head.
    "You've had enough of it, didi," as the blood continued to flow in all corners of the room Adi said.
    "But..., he was your dad," I said as he took me out of the room.
    "Rapist," he said.
    Hugging me tight, "I love you," in between sobs Raghav said.