• voice_inked 50w

    I know you have been hurt enough
    I know you are scared and
    You dont want to feel the pain
    But love its all upside from here
    Clouds have passed
    You dont need to be broken.

    I can't take back the tears you shed
    I cant rewind the time
    But love i will mend the future
    And your life will always shine.

    I know how it feels to be alone in the rain
    How it feels to suffer alone
    Just hold tight and never lose hope
    Because love
    I promise i will always keep you close
    I will love you the most.

    Your smile fuels my life
    When you speak every sound goes dim
    Then why will i ever make you cry?
    And when i look into your eyes
    Whole world gets blurred
    Oh love you can be sure
    I will always be nearby.