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    *Discrimination is the Same Everywhere*

    I know it is an odd title. You didn't swipe on it because you agreed with it, but because it was too controversial not to do so. Since I have your attention now, let me try to tell you why I am saying that.

    A small note before we begin: I am strictly adhering to the concept of Systemic Discrimination in this case and not discrimination as a whole. (Systemic Discrimination involves a pattern or practice, policy, or class case where the alleged discrimination has a broad impact on an industry, profession, company or geographic area.)

    All of us know that discrimination is bad. Why is it, objectively, bad? Why do sexually reproducing specific individuals with self-consciousness try to make their whole species believe they all are the same? Is it not an evolutionary advantage to be different from others? We search hard to find that reason; we are filled with rage in return. The deep memories of being subjected to it keep playing on repeat. No reason is unearthed. In its place, there is just a light of passionate, self-determined sense of morality on which grazes a herd of passionate thoughts.

    Christopher Isherwood says (and I agree) that a minority is only thought of as a minority when it constitutes some kind of a threat to the majority, real or imaginary. The urge to discriminate against such a minority comes from the 'fear of the new and unknown' or better yet: the lack of familiarity. The intent behind any discrimination is to reduce the power that minority group wields and to belittle it. The means employed is bullying to deprive them of equal opportunities. The consequence is providing that minority the feeling of being stuck in an endless loop, without any hope for escape. Discrimination is the same monster with different names for different people.

    The next time you think someone who's different from you is supporting the same cause as you but should not be so vocal (and supposedly appropriating) since they haven't gone through what you have, remeber that even if you are called different names, there's a high chance that they've gone through the same fucking thing over and over again like you have. The next time you try to decide who gets to support you and who doesn't, remember that you have now taken the seat of the one who makes the divides. Take that leap from the exclusive 'we' to the inclusive 'we'.

    Life is difficult for you. But that does not mean it is easy for others. Do not think about who is supporting you. Accept their love and derive strength from it.

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    Discrimination is the Same Everywhere