• fletch 5w

    Thy innocence can be easily taken over by our bleeding transgressions

    But we must know there are no failures just only truth in lessons

    Life comes and varies with many different struggles

    Though it is up to us to not be defined by selfs troubles

    In realization we shall see we're so much more than our mistakes

    And that all hearts are more powerful than that of a thousand quakes

    To know that God has blessed us each with abilities that go above and beyond

    And with that beautific power of christ on our side we form an unbreakable bond

    Where he shows we can take heart through all pain or turmoil

    Rising above tretorious grounds that are covered in sinful soil

    God even uses the broken so that he can be glorified through them

    Weaving his majesty using your spirit as his stem

    And if you cannot find faith it will find you with a knock on your door

    If you just open up he'll show his gift of peace can help you to rise and soar

    We can fly above all our sins and vanities if we repent and plead to his grace

    And he shall show what love truly is with his undying embrace

    You see, the kingdom of God works like a lightning rod

    For he'll strike you with an enlightenment prod

    And once you get that holy spirit taste

    It just flows throughout the body leaving fears to rot in waste

    It comes blown in like a whimsical
    Wind gush

    Encompassing your core being making the soul blush

    It's the ultimate tide of divine serenity

    Washing away your sorrows filling you with prosperity

    A feeling that's rather quite unexplainable

    It's truly amazing how the holy light is entirely attainable

    With word of God spoken, the inner beast dies as the light is awoken

    I'd forfeit all my lives just for one grand token

    I hope I get it right when my time is up and comes

    For now I'll bask in the glory marching along to his guidance drums