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    Mental Health

    How are you mentally?
    What do you mean I ask? 
    Are you depressed? Lonely? Isolated?

    I am mentally exhausted with everything life throws, I am haunted with the trauma that I never knew existed until people in my community started whispering about mental health.

    Are you depressed? Needing antidepressants?
    A referral to Open mind? A psychotherapist?
    Are you afraid? Lost? Numb?

    I am mentally confused with what you want to know, how can you not see that I am slowly wrapping away from society, because nobody talks about mental health.

    Why is mental health a taboo subject? Why are we afraid to talk? To shy to listen, to eavesdrop and help pull another up?

    I am suffering from mental trauma, I realise now, and I turn over one leaf at a time so I can deal with my emotions like raindrops which fall from my eyes.

    Are you anxious? Afraid to open the door? Why haven't you taken that step yet? Reached? Where is your belonging?

    I feel mindless more so now than ever, the wealth of emotions I acknowledge now is all the crude words and messages I was told and believed to be true.

    Why is that when I talk about my mental health someone will say read, read the Quran, pray your Salah, make dua why?

    I am mentally scarred, but not ready for the asylum, or antidepressants I just want you to spare a minute, and listen to eavesdrop too and ask me if I am okay. Offer me an ear but don't be offended if I say I am fine.

    Mental health exists and we need to be more upcoming about the term. Let's not run away with our thoughts but share them and challenge the energy for a stable mind.

    4th Oct 2019.