• vidhi_shah 10w


    It all started on 28th July 2014...with deep talks at midnight.. Year by year and our bond kept growing stronger.. From being "just roommates" to turning into "family" away from home.. We became each others person that can we can count upon.. Well we have had our differences and ugly fights but maybe after that we understood each other more.. From ranting on one another while pmsing, Crying after heart breaks to standing strong in failures.. We have seen all.. To the fun times we had.. Long list of lavish parties and some fun spontaneous plans to break the mundane routine.. Celebrating birthdays and hunting for gifts.. I'm sure when will take a look to those unlimited pictures our heart will flourish with joy and nostalgia will hit us..

    We will be busy with our life and future.. Might drift apart.. But these beautiful years no one can take from us.. They have help us grow.. It has taught us N number of things.. From being independent to being each others support system.. We don't know when shall meet next. But when we will.. We can still be young at heart and cherish the memories.. Writing all these has already made me emotional.. With the all the love and best wishes ❤