• prity2701 5w

    Wistful Lane

    My heart stays here,
    Every breakfast nook, every dining corner of this house,
    Says my name ,my old books still have my name
    Every window lives with
    the pane ,
    But no one to hear my pain,
    I feel nostalgic as i have grown up here,
    Yet differences are in atmosphere,
    Now i dont feel your hand in my hand,
    I miss you so much my dear ,
    But we must understand as
    Everything is perishble and is history,
    Someday ,i will perish also
    in this zone
    And leave my recollection
    For definately my clan
    But life is this only ,but life is this much only.
    Enjoy every day of life
    Heed every person in your life
    Because life is this much only ..