• __pratik_ 50w


    Have you ever seen the Earth running crazy all the way?
    Have you witnessed the giggling of the Sun
    When it comes running up the mountain's way?

    Kothao toh dekhechi tomay onek aage!
    Mone korar chesthaye chilam boddo
    Sonkote er o aage.
    Tobe shei chonchol dorja periye
    Janina kemon kore ashle tumi beriye!

    A thousand locks have you broken in your way
    And covered the deep ocean's way.
    Struggling in which I left hope a year away!

    Alor je shey ek gobhir nodi
    Ja chilo amar moner khub ghoveer e
    Khuje paini eto din - tobe aaj bheshe o dekhlam eta te!

    You have melted a frozen dessert
    Which was praying in the temple
    Since it came in this Mortal's premises a long way..