• alemarte10 5w

    "The Testimony of the Owl"

    After a delusional bloody night in the cell with the owl, I'm left with one dread,
    "For your silently soothe, I'm grateful for your unique forgiveness and belief,
    But until you tell me where's the truth, I can only feel graciously relief",
    The flaxen night only stood still, and spoke one last time the word "dead",
    As the owl leaves through the window with three bars with my dead ambitiously grief,
    The flaxen knight, the only sacred testimony, left me with no ambitiously dread.

    I hear the lock of the cell switched as it opens to freedom ahead,
    The officer claimed that they have found the one and only truth,
    "So after a bloody delusion, you finally came to give me the most miraculously soothe,
    So tell me where is the evitable truth." I said.
    The officer only stood still, and spoke once more the word "dead".
    ©alemarte10 Final part