• rebelpjones 6w


    I wasn't gonna speak on this and
    be another cliche white guy
    speaking out of line
    as if I could ever relate to our
    current situations.
    and I would never assume to
    make light of current happenings.

    However it affects me
    I'm a living breathing
    Person that has even
    served blindly the lies
    of this nation.

    George I never knew you but
    I now for the purpose of this
    heart felt piece
    place myself in your very skin,
    your final thoughts,
    and your very vision,

    The heaviness of your final breath
    the fear you must of felt as it
    became more of a
    struggle breathing.
    Pleading desperately
    to remove the knee please.

    (I feel tightness in my chest as my breathing becomes rapid and tears flood my eyes
    this must be empathy.)

    Tears that blurred the final visions,
    as your eyes slit shut like
    skull incisions.

    I the poet am torn what emotion
    I  should be pulled towards
    sadness or outrage that
    a people regardless their differences
    could stand by and watch
    another person
    hurt another human being,

    When the fuck
    will we stop the recording
    To help the dying live???

    The outrage that the
    law enforcement can't uphold the
    laws their supposed to be enforcing.
    They used to hide the fact that
    they were so hateful
    now the cats out of the bag
    out in the open and ever so blatant.

    How long are a people
    supposed to be patient,
    How many hundreds of years
    Should a people be kept waiting
    Not for reparations but
    just for equal treatment?

    A sequel to the fifties and sixties,
    A prequel to something evil
    that always existed,
    Sam Cooke said Change Gonna Come
    and he was right temporarily but I suppose its in our nature to repeat the
    stupid shit that we did in the past like undisciplined kids.