• wild_aish 5w

    My morning motivation, my midnight blush, today it is that I realised, you are my frist love. And I wouldn't say you broke my heart, because you didn't... You just took it with you. Huh. Stupid.

    Don't know if that dumbass ever got any of the hints that I always dropped, like these lines from a song we had together written.
    A rough translation:

    // This is an unbreakable bond- me & you
    We will be forever together; all our seven lives
    You would want to take a leap into the sky someday
    But the one who keeps you grounded to your soils,
    I'm that bond.

    I long for your touch
    My heart aches for that first meet,
    Will you open your arms and provide solace
    To this bleeding heart?
    Calling out your name like crazy,
    I'm your shadow, I'm yours... //

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    साता जन्मांची रे साथ आपली
    आभाळात रे तु कधी झेप घेशी,
    जोडून ठेवी तुला तुझ्याच मातीशी
    ते बंधन मी, ते बंधन मी

    आस मनाला रे तुझ्याच स्पर्शाची
    ओढ जीव्हाला, त्या पहिल्या भेटीची
    कासावीस या काळजाला, मिठीत घेशील का?
    खुळयासारखी हाक मारते,
    तुझीच रे मी सावली, तुझीच मी...

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