• _griffin_ 9w


    Long after the demise of my love my heart still searches
    I cannot achieve my dreams of you beside me
    But my soul still stretches out to feel you beneath me
    Feel your warm finger tips against my cheeks
    Feel your love heal my wounds
    But alas I am tired of trying
    Love never aided just added
    Added more to my list of things to fail
    Added more to list of things that pain
    Added more to the list of things that stain
    Stain my soul, my life and my everything
    I give up on love to end my suffering
    I know you told me to try...
    I don't think you knew it was you the whole time
    That idea wasn't very bright
    Now I thank God for the fatigue...
    I'm fading slowly from the love light
    Goodbye today, forever and sleep tight
    For every single night