• utsavsen 10w

    Adulteration of Adulthood

    Why do we gravitate towards negativity?
    Do we think melancholy is our eternal destiny?
    Why do sad songs strike deeper chords?
    Why do we relate more to Joker than Dumbledore?
    The Metallica bands with their divided tunes,
    Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and their destitute;
    Is self-love so difficult and priceless?
    Why is it so easy to love someone else but not yourself?
    Why did 'Janardhan' need a heartbreak to become 'Rockstar'?
    Why are comedians the saddest souls here?
    Are we fundamentally messing life up?

    We used to smile inhibited in our childhood,
    Is 'adulting' adulterating with our happiness?
    Are childhood fantasies smothered by societal conventions?
    Or do we just forget who we are while we grow up?

    Why can't we see brightness in the sunshine?
    That small bird attempting to rebuild her nest after another storm.
    The bees carrying all the load after the hive is destroyed,
    Tiny ants carrying loads double their size?
    The regrowth of trimmed trees.