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    Ps- I haven't watched this movie.

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    Some guys act like KABIR SINGH and act like all boastful.
    He was a surgeons, and becoming a accomplished doctor takes a lot of toll, sacrifices and hard work.
    (Since in PG only few seats are available

    Achieve something so that you can stand shoulder to shoulder in front of her dad. Since imagine you are a dad of a daughter, will you let your daughter be in love or under a spell of any tom, dick and harry.

    I have one friend here whose name is Azhar Mirza Baig (senior, bhai, mentor ) and I am sure you will Google his name next year or so, he will become an IPS officer Insha Allah. Clearing UPSE is no joke, take for example his love and he prays for a girl who will enlighten his imaan and make this duniya and the hereafter.
    Tell me all these years he preserved his love, he onces cleared prelims last year he showed me his dms and the amount of marriage proposals he got, he missed his Mains just by one number.
    Why am I telling this? Because honesty is the best policy.
    Esp girls get so blinded over the internet love thing, that they don't check any parameters. They have the notions that "love is blind", "everything is fair in love in love and war", they all are bogus statements, it's just used to garb the hideous agenda behind this.
    Love is when You fill your heart with the Rememberance of Allah with sounds of Quran. Why do I keep repeating this, because I have Alhamdulilah experienced it.

    Dont you like to marry a guy, who have kept his gaze lower and never lusted upon a girl through his eyes ?

    Don't you want to marry a guy who will wake you up for the Fajr prayer ?

    Same goes for us for boys.
    Why do I waste my love or be lecherous and lusting upon every girl ?

    Allah swt said in Quran
    Good man are for good woman.
    ie if I need a life partner who is good I need to better myself.
    And the best of the things are having a righteous wife for girls are their husbands.
    So grab the rope of Allah and pray for it.