• satill 37w

    Lost Soul

    Walking in the light
    In a body of darkness,
    Pitching the world of bright
    Gray with thoughts dull,
    There he goes.

    Left to ripe in the winds of summer
    What he faces is the biting of winters,
    Breeze chilling him to the bones
    The megalopolis eating through his heart,
    There he goes.

    Frail by body
    Unbreakable by spirit,
    Deep in his thoughts
    Shallow in his desires,
    There he goes.

    Blurred images of his past
    Taunting and haunting his present,
    Long separated from family
    Isolated from befriended foes,
    There he goes.

    Searching for a shadow of joy
    With a beacon of gloom,
    When the truth is his hearts at peace
    Succumbed to a life of misery,
    There he goes.

    He stares at them wondering
    They were the ones he was admiring,
    They are the darkness that fill his resources
    Drowned in a sea of debt,
    There he goes.

    Wanderer as he is today
    Souls are lost every day,
    Losing the touch of the divine
    Entangled in the foul line,
    There he goes.

    Near his end as he has come
    He fancies where every soul goes,
    Only his mortal body can he offer
    With Death as his last chauffeur,
    There he goes in his last coffer…