• an_exquisite_endeavor 24w

    You are the air that I breathe
    The emotions that I feel underneath
    The song that my heart sings
    The sound that in ear rings
    You are the melody my body humms
    The blood that my heart pumps
    The pearls that my eyes leak
    The sound that makes my legs go weak
    You are the feeling that my skin craves
    The peck for which my mouth aches
    The kiss that my lips desire
    The music that my ears hear
    The memory my soul cherishes
    You are the taste that my tongue ravishes
    The high that makes me fly
    The low that reminds how far is the sky
    The water that quench my thirst
    Yours is the face that I seek the first
    The blood that my body pound
    The gravity that lulls me to the ground
    The ballet that sets me free
    You are the poison that flows in me
    The angst that runs in my blood
    The rhythms that I heart thud
    The fire that exist deep in my bones
    You are those unescaped groans
    The ache that my body feels
    The shock from which my being reels
    The hand I want draped around my wrist
    You are real reason that I so exist.