• su_tshant 6w

    I stood akimbo at my courtyard contemplating my day forth. Unlike other Sundays today was to be a day of hard labour. Maintenance of the front lawn and the garden was something that could not be postponed, furthermore those weathered garden fences needed to be replaced with newer ones. It was going to be a long day ahead. What does a man need on a hot summer Sunday? Some chilled beers and a good smoke, both of which had been taken care of.


    “What is it baby?”

    “We are going out today right daddy?”

    “No baby! Daddy is going to work the garden.”

    “No daddy! You promised me a pink fairy dress on my birthday and also a frozen princess themed cake.” “please daddy hurry up now! I’ve already invited all my friends.”

    Damn! It had been a hectic week, all those overtime had taken a toll on my mind. Being single working father is not everyone’s cup of tea. My little princess was turning 5 the coming Tuesday and I had completely forgotten about her birthday.

    “Ah! Did you invite Liam?”

    “Yes, daddy.”

    “ Okay! Now get in and get dressed.”

    Her face bloomed like a daisy in the snow. She trotted off towards her room giggling and all excited.
    Seeing her happy made me happy. After Bella she was all I had left. She was my world. Losing Bella to cancer was the single most greatest tragedy of my life. I often missed her, at mornings, at noon, at night, in sunlight, in air, in wind, in breath and breathing to in my hearts beating, I missed her in everything. I missed her eyes and her smile and her touch, her kiss and her hug, moreover I missed her presence, oh! I missed her..

    Liam her classmate and as per her say her boyfriend. Liam’s dad, Andy, and I we were buddies and worked at the same firm.

    Andy had recently sold his old house across the street to a science professor, and had bought the house next to ours, which was vacant after the previous owner Mrs. Evans a 87year old lady went on to live with her son.

    I called and asked Andy and Liam to accompany us, to which he happily complied. Andy’s wife Cynthia had left him for an another man. Both being single father had laid a strong foundation to our friendship, we were more like brothers.