• ladysag77 5w

    At times when everything feels too good to be true, sensory overload rears its ugly head. Getting back to basics. Stripping everything away. It's ok to not always be ok��

    #hope #faith #illusion #mindgames #cptsd #spirituality #creativewriter #soulwork #selfhealingjourney #selfhealers #seeking #seekingrefuge #internalstruggle

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    Seeking refuge

    Wildly pulled from serenity's place
    I'd give up anything to feel again surely to embrace
    What will settle the internal storm
    Feeling unusual and detached from the norm
    Sensory overload has me on edge
    Pulling at the corners of my mind I so neatly spread
    When will I regain the solitude I established to be habitual?
    Suddenly lost in this charade depending on what is instinctual
    Mind games sneak up unraveling the peace
    Fear multiples while anxiety doesn't cease to increase
    Searching desperately for any way to escape
    While friction builds running like ticker tape
    Away from myself again
    Questioning if I have learned anything then......
    There it is, up ahead
    The search is over and I can finally lay down my head
    Exhausted from all the pressure
    Relief is in sight and for that I will forever treasure
    Refuge brings closure to its envitable conclusion
    Dissolving any doubts created by the delusion
    Inner peace can always be sought
    In these moments however it becomes an afterthought