• deeshaster 10w

    Hey you beautiful people out there!!
    How are you guys doing?
    This is DeeSha!!

    Read on and kindly let me know what you think

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    All I had to say

    Standing midst this crowd,
    wishing just to be loud.
    I am holding my breathe and my body goes shiver
    Because baby if not now, then never.
    Not like that, be a woman
    But in discipline I saw no men.
    Asked to be grounded and
    by brothers was surrounded.
    Asked for a little freedom,
    i dont remember given even some.
    No, I ain't complaining
    Doesn't even matter how much this leaves me paining.

    Coming home in dark while the guy over the nook gave me creep,
    I look at you for comfort not "Aah, women? They all do is weep!"
    No don't preach about Feminism
    When all you have is Criticism!
    All I ask for is a little sky
    all for I blaze my wings
    Keep your notion of when where why
    all to you because it stinks
    It is sure too much ask and need
    But today or tomorrow I shall have it indeed!!!