• katinkakleinnfrau 22w

    Stuck in the middle of my heart
    There has always been this aching part
    that, right from the beginning
    right from the start,
    felt like it was never even meant to be
    after all a piece of me

    For years it tried many ways
    to break free, as it needed
    somewhere else to be

    It’s longing was so strong,
    that when the heart was shattered
    on and on
    from love, walking out the door
    remaining pieces
    couldn’t hold it anymore

    What one broken soul
    and it’s lost part just then
    couldn’t know and couldn’t see
    was a piece of someone else’s heart
    also decided to be free

    Leaving two hearts incomplete...

    For weeks they drifted - Oh so free!
    seeking for the missing piece
    matching their hearts pounding beat

    In belief, when they make it
    across the great big sea
    they will find eternity

    For now the pieces haven’t met
    But when they finally will connect
    They tell each other which way to go
    as they once belonged
    to each other’s home...