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    'Izzat = Dignity, respect
    Be shak = without doubt
    Moosa (AS) = One of the Prophets in Islam.
    'Izzat-Aawar = The one who gives respect.

    "Duniya mein 'Izzat lootne waale to be shak bohot hain,
    Koi Moosa (AS) ke jaisa 'izzat-aawar bhi to ho."
    #izzat #dignity

    Moosa (AS) (or Moses) is one of the Prophets in Islam. The one on whom Taurah (Holy book) was sent. He was one of the best men sent to earth. In one incident of his life, he preferred walking 'ahead' of two girls (he had to meet their father) because he did not like 'following' them. Now, that's what you call a Man! @writersnetwork @urduwriters @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @the_laburnum_top @everything

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    دُنيا ميں عزّت لوٹنے والے تو بےشک بهت ہیں،
    کوئی موسیٰ کے جیسا عزّت آوَر بھی تو ہو_