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    "Oh! You got me!", yelled the boy.

    "Seems like the glistening light of our seemingly ever-lasting relationship is coming to a dead end," retorted the girl.

    "NO! PLEASE DON'T LET GO!", screamed the boy, with all his zeal and might.

    "Get yourself another temporary fun-giving, pleasure-loving companion," smiled she, slowly and gradually increasing the distance between their bodies and minds.

    That one smile and the last seven words squeezed the boy out of his obsession, and he started to try to forget her.

    Twelve years passed.

    The girl now is a Professor of Physics in Harvard University, and the boy is a Professor of Chemistry in Rajabazar Science College.

    Both are leading their own ways of life. He, in spite of all the projects, assignments and answer scripts from his students, still, at the back of his mind, had the memory of that seven words uttered by the girl. Twelve long years had passed, but the memory was as fresh as yesterday.