• un_etoile 20w


    Somedays, I wish we were just friends,
    Somedays, I wish we were more than "just friends".

    Somedays, I wish to never see your face
    Somedays, I wish to keep you infront of my eyes always.

    Somedays, I get nervous when I catch your glimpse,
    Somedays, it's just butterflies and happiness in my stomach, when I catch your glimpse.

    Somedays, your words cut through my soul,
    Somedays, your words win ME.

    Somedays, you lie completely,
    Somedays, you can't stop telling truths.

    Somedays, you ignore me like anything,
    Somedays, you don't take your eyes off me.

    Somedays, thinking about you blackens my day,
    Somedays, thinking about you brightens my day,

    Somedays, I wish we never met,
    Somedays, I wish you were mine, after all this and always.

    Somedays, it's my mind which speaks,
    Somedays, it's my heart which argues.

    Somedays, you mean nothing to me,
    Somedays, you mean the entire universe to me.

    But in all these 'somedays', what stays constant is my love for you!!!