• aira495 24w

    I wrote it during my maths class today..first poetry of mine..plz tell me ur views..thnk u��

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    Nature's Love

    I see the sky which is all blue and bright
    The shining sun, scattering it's light
    The tweeting birds going off in search
    So their young ones wouldn't die of hunger & thirst
    I see the autumn leaves falling from the trees
    The veil of cold is on the door, about to be freezed
    I try to be careful, not to lose the sight
    The beautiful mystic mysteries and the frost bite
    As i look from my window, standing close-by
    I see the wonders and whisper "Oh my my!"
    The nature's beautiful, full of love and caring
    It teaches us politeness, sweetness and daring
    If you understand it's silence or the whispers
    Feel it's soul, understand it's love
    It will always admire