• vaarunimahe 9w


    Nowdays the concern revolves around mental health ;
    Losing it would be as equal as having no wealth.
    People are just escaping this world in the form of suicide ;
    When they are not finding anyone alongside.

    Today , preaching about mental health has become a trend ;
    But when it comes to providing a helping hand their excuses have no end.
    They would mock and let you suffer alone ;
    They won't even remember you once the sympathy has been shown.

    There are a lot of experiences through which we learn a lesson ;
    Then why should we live a frustrating life when it is actually a blessing.
    I know it is not a piece of cake to achieve mental peace ;
    But atleast smile which is a ray of hope without any fees.

    Release all the negative vibes with the help of meditation ;
    Be it a process of healing or rejuvenation.
    You yourself are responsible for a better well being ;
    So there is no use of pointing it out or disagreeing.

    A good mental health makes you your own priority ;
    It generates self love and celebrates its authenticity.
    When you finally start understanding your mental health ;
    You attain the most precious wealth.
    ©Varuni Maheshwari