• ru_malik 6w

    My pen: "I can't hold u now"

    Me: seriously????
    And it's naive
    Then it's wowww

    Ink: ohhh hello
    Can u live without ur pen??
    But howww???

    Diary: I'm sure you can't feel ur life without us
    Then how it's wowww??

    Pen, ink, and diary in same tone :then we r not imp
    For u??
    We r nothing for u??

    Me: take a chill pill
    I'm just kidding yrr
    I know I can't live without my ink, pen, and diary


    Ink: you're my blood
    Pen: you're my heartbeat
    Diary: you're my heart

    And my writings are my feelings

    Then how can I think my life without my life

    Pen, ink, diary in exciting tone: let's play with words

    And then they play with words
    And pour down my emotions
    And it's become a post
    And now u r reading my post
    But it also hides my grief
    And for u it will be just a piece


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    Blood, heartbeat, and heart