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    Chapter VIII

    Finding inspiration is one of the most difficult challenges given to an artist.
    Many people start writing or publishing other types of art everywhere. Being original becomes a harder task.
    Some people write the story of their lives. Every person is unique so every tale will be new to readers.
    "but...WHAT IF...?"
    Rejection is really common. Others' dreams are ruined in only seconds because of this question:
    And very few people have the courage to ask themselves "WHAT IF?" or "HOW ABOUT?"
    The problem is that "WHAT IFs" are used in more negative constructions and not so much in positive ones.
    What if.....my book became a bestseller?
    What if.....I added this to the plot?

    What if.....I never finished my book?
    What if.....people don't like it?
    What if.....I failed.

    Never stop asking positive questions. Don't reject others opinion, but most importantly, put your own, and the positive ones, on top when writing. Also, do not avoid constructive criticism. It's different from rejection. Try to learn from it.♡